Supervision For Psychologists

Mentoring & the Supervision of colleagues who are interested in the provision of psychotherapy

Alisa is an experienced Clinical Psychologist who has also completed training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. She has 17 years experience in private clinical practice. Alisa works with patients who require symptom reduction during short-term interventions and long-term therapies to resolve more complex states.

Alisa enjoys mentoring and supervising colleagues who are interested in the provision of psychotherapy from a primarily relational, psychodynamic perspective. Alisa believes that supervision is integral to competent professional practice for all clinicians.

Alisa is a registered supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. As the board points out: “Supervisors play a key role in the training in, and assessing of, the psychological competencies that are required to become a registered psychologist, and for area of practice endorsement.” Supervision is also important for the maintenance of appropriate standards of competence throughout a psychologist’s career and can enrich and support the practice of psychology for clinicians.

Alisa undertook her psychology training at Macquarie University and her psychotherapy training with ANZAP.

If you wish to discuss undertaking supervision with Alisa, please call her practice and make an appointment with the receptionist. This discussion can occur via telephone, Skype or in her office.

“Some patients will unconsciously recreate, in the transference, representations of early damaging experiences ... It is vital for the trainee to be helped to understand these powerful interactional pressures… It is argued that the function of supervision is not to teach a technique directly, but to create a ‘space for thinking’ — a kind of thinking which is more akin to maternal reverie, as described by Bion, than problem solving.” (Mollon, P. 1989 BMJ)

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